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About SERS.

SERS’ INVESTMENT GROUP comprises 120 active investors functioning as a tight-knit community who are looking to seize investment opportunities primarily within the crypto space. SIG consists of highly specialized individuals (hailing from top universities around the world), high net-worth capital investors, popular token and NFT admins, and marketing channels operators with huge following. SIG enriches projects it partners with by utilizing its members’ expertise and leveraging its vast networking connections to ensure that every project is able to reach its full potential. Every project opportunity will undergo a rigorous analysis by our team before we have all hands on deck towards the eventual success of the project.

SIG’s operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with an organizational structure that is built for better quality of service. Conventional VC groups are highly centralised where the power of decision-making fall under the authority of those at upper echelons of the organization. SIG on the other hand functions as a DAO where the decision-making process is conducted as a community, allowing for greater creativity, quicker response, and better utilization of our members’ different areas of expertise. Projects such as Grape Network have implemented DAO infrastructure tools to help them manage their communities more efficiently. We at SIG are taking the extra step forward by allowing individuals to enter pre-sales and investments

Currently, SIG is involved in several projects ranging from DeFi to NFT to Metaverse games. It has made strategic investments and secured itself as a limited partner in unique projects, namely Portal DeFi, Oceidon, Sidus, Operon Origin, League of Ancients, Gamesta, Atlantis, Blocksports and Ccom. These projects have gained the support and resources of SIG and are touted to be big players in their respective domains. SIG is now looking to expand its portfolio, catering more towards NFT Metaverses, DeFi 2.0 while incorporating other chains such as Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and Terra (LUNA). They are also planning to create an official investment channel and an NFT launch where SIG NFT holders will receive priority allocation of deals. SIG values projects involving creativity and innovation as it is an indispensable trait that drives the improvement of the cryptocurrency space.

We hope to be a part of more innovative projects and see more individuals step up to further improve Web 3.0.

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